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Talking Turkey

Global-A-Go-Go is featuring a bunch or rare Turkish CDs this week. Be sure to tune in this Friday from 5-7pm. If you can’t tune in, Bill usually posts the tracks from his show on Radio4All.
Until tomorrow evening, check out the final 10 minutes of this Turkish adaptation of Star Wars. Definitely one […]

Geek Rock

I’ve been going through some new releases and have found some nice example of geek rock. Need some tunes to listen to while sorting your Magic The Gathering cards or debugging your app? Try these out.
Witch’s Hat - Huzzah!
I originally got this CD from a friend and promptly ignored it. However, after […]

May was New Zealand Music Month

I was reading about Sir. Edmund Hillary’s birthday on Wired, when I stumbled on a New Zealand History site. Along with articles on Sir Edmund and Radiant Living, there was a fantastic series on New Zealand Music Month. I’m a sucker for all things from New Zealand, so I cruised around for articles […]