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Cruel Ironies of the Unemployed Web Programmer

Being unemployed for the last 6 weeks has it’s variety of low points. One of the sad ironies that I run into is web sites that don’t work.
Now, I won’t say that Circuit City’s website was flawless. We always had one or two issues in production. However, it rankled me whenever something wasn’t […]

The Pragmatic Programmer - The Preface

After sending several resumes since the middle of January, I decided to rethink my usually cover letter. Resumes are adequate for communicating what you’ve done, but not how. So, I may try to convey what’s qualitatively different about how I work as a developer. To help me, I’ve decided to re-read The […]

Capital One to lay off 130 IT workers

I sure hope Capital One wasn’t try to spice up the business section on my urging. Livening up the front page of the TD, Capital One is letting go 130 IT workers between now and May. The IT community in Richmond is pretty small - most folks land at CapOne or Circuit City […]

Be the Head Screw in Prison Tycoon

I was cruising around for budget priced games and found this beautiful member of the “Tycoon” team - Prison Tycoon. At first I thought I was browsing The Onion, but this is actually a game where you run a for-profit prison and incarcerate dangerous felons while under a budget. However, as the copy […]

Most Creative Variable Name

I was chatting with one of the consultants at work who complimented me on a particularly creative variable name. I appreciated the comment; I appreciated even more a chance to share the absuridity of what I do. For writing that has an audience of only a couple of dozen readers ever, some programmers […]