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Talking Turkey

Global-A-Go-Go is featuring a bunch or rare Turkish CDs this week. Be sure to tune in this Friday from 5-7pm. If you can’t tune in, Bill usually posts the tracks from his show on Radio4All.
Until tomorrow evening, check out the final 10 minutes of this Turkish adaptation of Star Wars. Definitely one […]

The Way Carbon Leaf Sees It On My Coffee

It’s no secret that I like the coffee and sink an inordinate amount of cash into the Starbucks near work. As I was finishing off my usual (a double tall latte - in case anyone’s buying), I noticed that the quote on the cup was from Carbon Leaf’s Barry Privett. I slid down […]

WRIR Fundraiser

The thank you cards from my birthday have been sent. My cars been inspected. I’ve been to the dentist and the doctor in the last month. Now, to complicate things further, WRIR is holding its third fundraiser. I’m taking a breather from last year when I managed two days as well […]

WRIR’s First Birthday

Feburary 3, WRIR is throwing it’s first birthday party at the Richmond Renaissance Center (the building formerly called the Cornerstone) from 7pm to midnight. Since it’s already First Fridays that night, it’ll be a great place to warm up to some music (about five bands are playing) as well as have a couple of […]

Capital One to lay off 130 IT workers

I sure hope Capital One wasn’t try to spice up the business section on my urging. Livening up the front page of the TD, Capital One is letting go 130 IT workers between now and May. The IT community in Richmond is pretty small - most folks land at CapOne or Circuit City […]

You know you live in a one horse town…

…when the fact that a newstand is opening in the airport makes the front page of the business section.
Okay, admittedly, it’s four kiosks from a chain of airport stores. No, I take that back - it’s still a sign that Richmond is a backwater.

Sad Coming Home from Carytown

I’ve been going to stores in Carytown since I was about 7 or 8. When I was a kid, there was a hobby shop that carried airfix miniatures. In the eighties, I began going to Plan 9. As an adult, Carytown is one of the places I’ve come to love about Richmond […]