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Malcolm X Park by Unrest

For some reason, Disko Magic had been stuck in my head for the last few days. I had to dig through the shelf of lps to find it, but I dug up Malcolm X Park and turned the stereo up to a ridiculous volume. I think my favorite way to listen to records […]

Happy New Year

I stayed away from anything explosive last night.
Through good karma, my fellow WRIR DJ, Tracy, invited me to join her behind the turntables at Ipanema. After setting up Tracy’s mixer and tables, we ate, then started spinning at 10. The start of Tracy’s set was sparsely attended - 2 or 3 tables […]

Vinyl Joy - Camberwell Now and 17 Pygmies

I flipped through some old 80’s records that I have and listened to 17 Pygmies and side one of a Camberwell Now lp. I was completely in awe of Jedda By the Sea by 17 Pygmies . It’s a moody, haunting album - part 4AD darkness, part Middle Eastern psychedelia. It only has […]