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12 Weeks and no cubicle

I was doing the math and realized that it’s been 12 weeks since Circuit City folded and I’ve been unemployed. At first, the thought is a little frightening - that I could be out of work for 3 months. However, I’ve been struck by how much I’ve adjusted. I no longer […]

Back from the long gone

With my former employer Circuit City fading into retail history, I thought I would try to resurrect this blog. Before, this was where I wrote about music (which I still love) and whatever current events tickled my interest. Now that I’m unemployed, I thought I’d spend some time thinking about the last decade […]

It’s good to be back….I think

After a few sessions of snarling at MySQL and my service provider, the site is back and healthy with the latest version of WordPress and considerably more capacity. There are still a few snags - I’m not positive that the database upgrade took. My categories are a little Katty-Wumpus. No problem though […]

The Way Carbon Leaf Sees It On My Coffee

It’s no secret that I like the coffee and sink an inordinate amount of cash into the Starbucks near work. As I was finishing off my usual (a double tall latte - in case anyone’s buying), I noticed that the quote on the cup was from Carbon Leaf’s Barry Privett. I slid down […]

Happy New Year

I stayed away from anything explosive last night.
Through good karma, my fellow WRIR DJ, Tracy, invited me to join her behind the turntables at Ipanema. After setting up Tracy’s mixer and tables, we ate, then started spinning at 10. The start of Tracy’s set was sparsely attended - 2 or 3 tables […]

Too Many Stolen Apples

I was buying some Yeats at Chop Suey Books when I saw they had a nice first edition of Stolen Apples by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The edition had the original dust cover, so I snatched it up for Chop Suey’s usual reasonable prices. However, when I pulled back the dust cover, I realized […]

Signs on the Highway

Driving back from the Black Keys show on Saturday, Michael and I noticed that there are signs every 10th of a mile on Interstate 95. The old mile markers made sense. Now, you drive past a marker every six seconds. Between Fredericksburg and northern Hanover, the signs consist of a larger plate […]

Back to Normalcy

The humongous project is now gone and I’m back to normal. I’m also looking at some ways of updating the site using software (Word Press) rather than doing everything by hand. So far so good, now I just need something to say.