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July 13, 2003 - permalink

Strange College Alumni

I didn't go to my 15th college reunion this year. However, the Times Dispatch had an article that reminded of two infamous members of my first year class – Jens Soering and Elizabeth Haysom. I met them once – I vaguely remember my first roommate inviting them to our dorm room. I don't remember anything in particular except that my roommate at the time was a pretty singular fellow, and this other guy and girl seemed pretty unusual themselves. Other than that, my experiences were mostly knowing other people who had met them. They were only at the University of Virginia for a year, not much time to make a personal impression.

Strikingly, Jens is my age; Elizabeth is two years older. At, the time, they were probably better educated than me, attending the same university. However, they couldn't have had a more different life, spending the last seventeen years in jails and prisons. In their own ways, they've excelled – Elizabeth has written columns for a newspaper in Fluvana and Jens is a “model prisoner” who has just written a book on Christian mediation. They've even had a book written about them. On the other hand, the've been shut off from the world for nearly half their lives - four presidents, two wars in Iraq and pretty much the entire Internet boom and bust. It makes me contemplate the most recent half of my life a little differently.

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