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12 Weeks and no cubicle

I was doing the math and realized that it’s been 12 weeks since Circuit City folded and I’ve been unemployed. At first, the thought is a little frightening - that I could be out of work for 3 months. However, I’ve been struck by how much I’ve adjusted. I no longer work in a cube; I have a home office with a view of downtown. I no longer make the daily trip out I-64 to Gaskins road; when I went out to Short Pump Town Center this week, I passed that exit and realized how long it had been since I took that exit. The week is full of little events rather than a constant routine.

I wouldn’t call the past 3 months a vacation. Job hunting keeps me busy. I’ve been trying to study some new languages and also catch up on my volunteer work at the radio station. Keeping busy and staying in the moment seem to make the time go by more easily, but the uncertainty of when I’ll get a job can make some days stressful.

I just know that I don’t miss sitting in a cubicle.

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