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Cruel Ironies of the Unemployed Web Programmer

Being unemployed for the last 6 weeks has it’s variety of low points. One of the sad ironies that I run into is web sites that don’t work.

Now, I won’t say that Circuit City’s website was flawless. We always had one or two issues in production. However, it rankled me whenever something wasn’t right. I could never turn around a fix fast enough to satisfy myself and the release schedule was never quick enough to suit my tastes. I took a lot of pride in the fact that anyone could use to find and buy the best electronics for their needs.

So, I cringe almost daily going to sites that are broken. Bad JavaScript, wonky markup and lots of exceptions abound out there. I can fix those things; just hire me.

Just this morning, I was trying to apply for short term insurance on Anthem’s website and it just gave me an error message when I tried to login. Repeatedly. Now, I did get an email confirming my registration. I just get stuck trying to apply. I’m an interested customer, I want to do business with them and their website is stopping me.

Interestingly, Anthem is hiring for Java Web Application developers - to wit, people like me.

For all I know, there is a manager standing outside some programmer’s cube near Staple’s Mill Road asking about an ETA on a fix (I’ve been that programmer - not fun). That programmer’s probably been overworked with a pile of change requests. That manager would probably like to get back to the office to read resumes for openings (and deal with their own growing pile of changes and projects).

And here I am - the guy who could dive into that pile of work, fix the bugs and knock out those projects - trying to apply for insurance while I’m unemployed. Ain’t life funny?

Update - 12:40pm
I was able to finish my application and as far as insurance paperwork goes, it wasn’t bad (no further cringe moments).

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