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Studying for the SCJP

Between job leads, I’ve been studying for the Sun Certified Java Programmer test. The test seems fairly straightforward though I’m only up to chapter two of the Bates/Sierra book.

What’s been most appalling so far are the code examples. A lot of the test (as well as a Java aptitude test I took at a recruiters) seems to be looking at crazy Java code and determining if it will compile. Of course, if you use an IDE (and you’d be crazy not to), you don’t generally have to worry if something will compile. If your IDE won’t tell you, javac will certainly let you know.

Still, it’s been nice to finally get a chance to read up on enums; never used them since we didn’t upgrade the JVM until the middle of last year. It’s also nice to spend the time thinking about software development. Writing crazy inheritance relations is a somewhat fun way to pass a snowy day.

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