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Back from the long gone

With my former employer Circuit City fading into retail history, I thought I would try to resurrect this blog. Before, this was where I wrote about music (which I still love) and whatever current events tickled my interest. Now that I’m unemployed, I thought I’d spend some time thinking about the last decade I’ve spent in web development. I still love working as a programmer and miss not coding every day or at least every other month.

So, to kick things off, I’m going to work on three regular features.

  1. A weekly music article There are so many excellent music blogs that I’m not inclined to duplicate them. However, there’s typically something out there every week folks should check out.
  2. A technology link a week For my last job at Circuit City, I was on the team that would drove the architectural direction of the website. One of our jobs was to have a weekly “show and tell” of some neat development or web technology. I still make the rounds of the tech sites, so I may as well do my show and tell here.
  3. A reflection on a chapter of The Pragmatic Programmer I’m not sure when I bought Hunt and Thomas’s The Pragramatic Programmer, but it reshaped how I think of software development - both in terms of how I code and how I work with colleagues. As I think about what I have to offer future employers, I thought I’d reread a chapter a week and jot down some thoughts. I’ve been stumped on a cover letter this afternoon and the preface alone has helped me out.

Looking for work over the past five weeks has been like pushing a rock bigger than me up a hill. I can look behind me and see where I’ve been, but all I can see in front of me is the rock. I can’t take my hands off of it and I won’t know when I’m done pushing it until I hit the top of my hill.

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