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Geek Rock

I’ve been going through some new releases and have found some nice example of geek rock. Need some tunes to listen to while sorting your Magic The Gathering cards or debugging your app? Try these out.

Witch’s Hat - Huzzah!

I originally got this CD from a friend and promptly ignored it. However, after a post about this track on I Rock Cleveland, I checked it out. Suddenly, I couldn’t stop playing this dragon slayer of a song over and over again.

Dan Deacon - Crystal Cat
Dan Deacon has gotten numerous kudos for his latest record Spiderman Of The Rings. However, this video takes the danceable single from that record to a new level. Warning - may cause seizures.

For more Dan Deacon goodness, check out this early performance that was done on a morning program in Savannah, Georgia. If you look in the lower corner of the screen, you can see the time (5:54 am). While it’s not as compelling a song as Crystal Cat, I enjoy the idea of early morning TV viewers giving a collective “WTF?”

And check out the cables on that rig! Respect!

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