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May was New Zealand Music Month

I was reading about Sir. Edmund Hillary’s birthday on Wired, when I stumbled on a New Zealand History site. Along with articles on Sir Edmund and Radiant Living, there was a fantastic series on New Zealand Music Month. I’m a sucker for all things from New Zealand, so I cruised around for articles on New Zealand’s pop music.

There’s tons of information on New Zealand Music, but my two favorites have to be Poi-E and Ray Columbus’s Invaders.

In the early 80’s a linguist came up with the idea of writing a song promoting the Maori language. The fruit of this concept was a song with a dance beat sung by a Maori chorus. There’s something very charming about the Polynesian singing set to synths and Linn drums - the song just makes me happy.

She’s A Mod

This other song was a number one hit in New Zealand not once but three times. The original hit number one in the 60’s and 80’s while a hip-hop version also hit number one in the Kiwi charts. With groovy lyrics and infectious beat what could top this song? Why, the dancing of course. But whatever is the bass player doing up there?

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