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Southern Lord In The New York Times

Heavy Doom Metal label Southern Lord was featured in the New York Times this Sunday. For music that generally thought of as dark and inacessible, it’s some pretty good press coverage in a major media outlet. While not for everyone, Southern Lord is certainly putting out some of the most original […]

Art Brut Makes Me Want to Rock Out

After weighing our options between Essex Green at the Black Cat and Art Brut at the Satellite Ballroom, Michael and I headed up to Charlottesville to see Art Brut. He took a little convincing - a video of Bang Bang Rock and Roll didn’t appeal to him. However, after reading numerous positive […]

WRIR Fundraiser

The thank you cards from my birthday have been sent. My cars been inspected. I’ve been to the dentist and the doctor in the last month. Now, to complicate things further, WRIR is holding its third fundraiser. I’m taking a breather from last year when I managed two days as well […]