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Early in my college radio days, I had a serious progressive rock tendency. Even now, there are traces of it in the vinyl section of my record collection - Henry Cow, Camberwell Now, Etron Fou Leloublan and lots of Fred Frith. However as my soujourn in college radio progressed, I discovered that […]

WRIR’s First Birthday

Feburary 3, WRIR is throwing it’s first birthday party at the Richmond Renaissance Center (the building formerly called the Cornerstone) from 7pm to midnight. Since it’s already First Fridays that night, it’ll be a great place to warm up to some music (about five bands are playing) as well as have a couple of […]

Malcolm X Park by Unrest

For some reason, Disko Magic had been stuck in my head for the last few days. I had to dig through the shelf of lps to find it, but I dug up Malcolm X Park and turned the stereo up to a ridiculous volume. I think my favorite way to listen to records […]

Capital One to lay off 130 IT workers

I sure hope Capital One wasn’t try to spice up the business section on my urging. Livening up the front page of the TD, Capital One is letting go 130 IT workers between now and May. The IT community in Richmond is pretty small - most folks land at CapOne or Circuit City […]

You know you live in a one horse town…

…when the fact that a newstand is opening in the airport makes the front page of the business section.
Okay, admittedly, it’s four kiosks from a chain of airport stores. No, I take that back - it’s still a sign that Richmond is a backwater.

Sad Coming Home from Carytown

I’ve been going to stores in Carytown since I was about 7 or 8. When I was a kid, there was a hobby shop that carried airfix miniatures. In the eighties, I began going to Plan 9. As an adult, Carytown is one of the places I’ve come to love about Richmond […]

Happy New Year

I stayed away from anything explosive last night.
Through good karma, my fellow WRIR DJ, Tracy, invited me to join her behind the turntables at Ipanema. After setting up Tracy’s mixer and tables, we ate, then started spinning at 10. The start of Tracy’s set was sparsely attended - 2 or 3 tables […]