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Too Many Stolen Apples

I was buying some Yeats at Chop Suey Books when I saw they had a nice first edition of Stolen Apples by Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The edition had the original dust cover, so I snatched it up for Chop Suey’s usual reasonable prices. However, when I pulled back the dust cover, I realized […]

Galaxie 500 and the Cold War

Mark Richardson at Pitchfork had a good column on Galaxie 500 and the Cold War this past week. The 80s started with Hardcore Punk and as much anger as possible against the Reagan administration. By the end of that decade, it was a kind of psychedelic exhaustion. We all just wanted escape […]

Signs on the Highway

Driving back from the Black Keys show on Saturday, Michael and I noticed that there are signs every 10th of a mile on Interstate 95. The old mile markers made sense. Now, you drive past a marker every six seconds. Between Fredericksburg and northern Hanover, the signs consist of a larger plate […]

Be the Head Screw in Prison Tycoon

I was cruising around for budget priced games and found this beautiful member of the “Tycoon” team - Prison Tycoon. At first I thought I was browsing The Onion, but this is actually a game where you run a for-profit prison and incarcerate dangerous felons while under a budget. However, as the copy […]

Derek Sunshine Redux - 1988

I was busy “reorganizing” my kitchen yesterday when I found an old C-120 tape of my radio show from the 1980s. For five years, I was DJ at WTJU-FM at the University of Virgina. I used C-120s to tape my afternoon shows, since I could get two of the three hours on one tape. […]

Most Creative Variable Name

I was chatting with one of the consultants at work who complimented me on a particularly creative variable name. I appreciated the comment; I appreciated even more a chance to share the absuridity of what I do. For writing that has an audience of only a couple of dozen readers ever, some programmers […]